Ms. Fard is an amazing employment practices mediator! Her in depth knowledge of that field of law and her experience in the courtroom enables Ms. Fard to quickly pin-point the pitfalls and difficulties that parties involved in employment claims are facing. Ms. Fard is an invaluable tool for litigants looking to resolve their dispute. And, unlike some mediators whose drive and interest in a case seems to fade with the payment of their fee, Ms. Fard brings a passion and energy to the mediation process that can help the parties achieve success. She tells it like she sees it – the good with the bad. Ms. Fard’s knowledge, professionalism, and focused neutral perspective will help you get the results your client is looking for!

- Jean W | Orange County Defense Attorney

"I have engaged the services of Ms. Sima Fard as my attorney representing me in an employment discrimination and retaliation case against a large health care corporation.

During our initial meeting Ms. Fard was very honest and up front with me about the risks associated with my case partly due to the fact that she had not been retained by me early on to shape the case properly.

Ms. Fard was extremely patient and knowledgeable and has provided me with the utmost guidance in going through my claim. She also educated my in every aspect of the case including due diligence in collecting the necessary documents to build my case

She is very professional and caring. Because of Ms. Fard's tenacity, sense of urgency and positive attitude, my case was settled in a short period of time at a sum that previous attorneys stated was unattainable.

I am very impressed with Ms. Fard and I highly recommend her legal services.

My only regret is not knowing about Ms. Fard prior to wasting valuable time with other attorneys who claim to be labor law specialists while in fact they lack the skill sets, knowledge and expertise in this highly specialized and complex area of law.

Ms. Fard has restored my faith and trust in getting justice and regaining my confidence.

She is compassionate and passionate about what she does and is a true and excellent representative of her profession.

I would highly recommend the law offices of Sima Fard to anyone seeking legal help."

- N.K. Confidential Settlement. Health Care Related Retaliation Case Dec. 2015

"I was referred to Ms. Fard. I needed a lawyer who had the expertise to get me through this difficult times. Ms. Fard helped me get my positon back within three days as well as back pay.

I would highly recommend Ms. Fard to my friends and family because of her expertise. Sima is not just a lawyer but someone who cares about you as a person.

Thank you so much again."

- AA Disability discrimination and work related injury accommodation related claims. 2014-2015

"I am so grateful to Sima Fard for taking on my difficult case. She did an awesome job. I have and will recommend her to my friends and family.

Thank you again Sima."

- A.D. Confidential Settlement. Disability discrimination, work related injury accommodation related claims as well as wage and hour claims. 2013-2014


Sima is an up and coming mediator who is very personable and engenders trust with both sides. She settled our case and is working on another case.

- Toni Jaramilla, APC Plaintiffs’ counsel Labor and Employment, Board Member of CELA (California Employment Lawyers’ Association)

Sima Fard resolved a significant case for me that we could not get done for over a year. She did it in a very sophisticated and effective, quick way.

- Carney R. Shegerian, Esq. | Shegerian & Associates, Inc.

Many thanks for your persistence and follow through

-Eugene Lee | Law Office of Eugene Lee

Defense firms

Ms. Fard settled a very difficult case for us. We are using her in another case.

- Kamran Shahabi | Wood Smith Henning & Berman, LLP

Ms. Fard takes an aggressive approach that forces the parties to really look at the legal issues as well as the practicality associated with litigation. Be prepared to defend your position. Excellent follow up.