Sima Fard is a passionate advocate for justice in the workplace, whether it be pursuing employee rights or resolving employment disputes as a spirited mediator who can provide a fresh and creative perspective using Zen principles. Basically, after 18 years of litigating hotly contested labor and employment matters in the American adversarial system, Sima has realized that things don't need to be that way. She believes that many, if not all disputes can be resolved in a humanistic way where each side can see the other side's view of the issues and let go of the bitter destructive behavior.

Sima believes that her background as an experienced litigator gives the parties confidence that she understands the issues involved in litigation, namely negative emotions, discovery disputes, trial risks and appeals. Sima uses her strong instincts in knowing people and their motivations evidenced in her knowing when the right time had come for her to start working as a mediator. She took a basic mediation course offered by the LA County Bar in late August 2015 and settled her first case in early September 2015, two weeks later, only after a five minute phone call. Other cases were referred to her soon thereafter which she settled together.

Sima is now able to offer reasonable rates to parties in mediation making her services available to all clients with disputes of all magnitudes. She is so committed to seeing parties and their counsel happy with the process that she engages in supervising the drafting of the settlement agreements and helping parties finalize the settlement at no extra charge. She can help you too.

Because Sima has also represented a few employers in the litigation, plaintiffs' counsel respect her view of their case value when she discusses resolution because she has been a serious advocate for low income employees most of her working life. She is known to have a big heart and is tireless but at the same time direct, open and a straight shooter. She believes these are some of the essential traits in being an excellent mediator in any area, including labor and employment, civil, business litigation, P.I., family or appellate law.

Sima lives in Orange County but considers the entire world as her home. She is improving her surfing and salsa skills as well as playing the piano for fun.

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